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Why use Luton Mediation for resolving disputes?

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes and helping parties reach an agreement which they can work with in the future.

It shows you possible ways of improving the situation without having to go to court. This can often be quicker, less stressful and less costly to the individuals.

How does Mediation work?

 Over 90%

of agreements have been successful 

Luton Mediation will contact both sides in the dispute.
  • Two of our trained mediators will meet with both you and your neighbour separately, in your own homes.

  • They will listen to how you see the problem.

  • Then, both sides are encouraged to talk through their dispute amicably at a joint meeting on neutral ground.

  • Shared issues are explored, looking for a mutually acceptable agreement.

  • It is ensured that both parties agree on all solutions that are reached.

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